Indication of a good day as an entrepreneurship professor

Today has been a good day for two very important reasons:

1.  I received by express mail the next product iteration from one of the entrerpreneurs (and CSUSM alums) with whom I keep in close contact, Erik Groset at Zipbuds.  These guys at Zipbuds never stop innovating.  The newest Zipbuds keep all of what was good of the past generations of 'buds (crystal-clean audio quality, tangle-free zippered design, personality-exhibiting bold color choices) and add some new features that have significantly upped the wow factor.  It's not my place to disclose what those features are, but suffice it to say that if you already own a products from the Zipbuds family, you'll likely find your mouth agape when you see this next gen product.  Erik, when are they going to be released to the rest of the world?  [Yes, I'm lucky to have been able to put these through their paces before they're on the market.]

2.  I am pleased to share that another one of our CoBA alums and former students of mine, Sean Callahan, just shared with me that his entrepreneurial lessons-learned book was published today.  Check it out at Amazon. With only a few minutes into it and I've already come across some familiar concepts and beliefs from my own teachings in Entrepreneurship.  His writing is clear and his insistence on the practical aspects of launching a startup is refreshingly down to earth.

I continue to be so proud of both of these guys and their verifiable efforts in "making something from nothing!"  Keep up the great work.

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