Evidence of Creativity Among College Students

I should have titled this "What happens when you get out of the way of your students and let them create." Here's what resulted when I stepped aside and simply encouraged my students to create.

As part of the Senior Experience program at Cal State San Marcos, my five students were tasked with building awareness and increasing outreach for the Temecula campus of CSUSM. While their project included many more deliverables than this, the students took it upon themselves to go further and deliver additional value to the client. Here's what they came up with as their "One More Thing" (à la Steve Jobs) to the client's delight.

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Anne R. said...

This short video is a great way for people to see how they can advance their careers by studying at the CSUSM Temecula campus. It's professional and very well done. I especially like the fact that the video was made by CSUSM Senior Experience students!

Chad said...

Loved watching this since I grew up in Temecula! Great to see another successful project come from the very talented pool of students at CSUSM!