Pitch Rubrics

Prompted by a recent post on the ENTREP listserv, included below are three resources I use in my courses when an individual student and/or a team pitches an entrepreneurial product or service concept.

Please feel free to use, adapt, discard, or refine any of them.  Please share your comments or thoughts on any of these in the space below.  [click on each image to enlarge]    

3 for 3 Initial Pitch
The "3 for 3" is used when individual students pitch three new product or service concepts in three minutes.  

1 for 15 End of Semester Pitch
The “1 for 15” is for a team-based end-of-semester 15-minute pitch on an entrepreneurial product or service.  

Oral Presentations Assessment Rubric
This assessment rubric was developed with my colleagues in the College of Business Administration at California State University San Marcos.  The rubric can be used to assess both individual contributions and overall team performance in oral presentations.  Professor Wayne Neu led the team and provided the initial foundation for this assessment rubric.     

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