The Edge of Entrepreneurship, a video series

These rich media video cases are provided to faculty and students to enliven class discussions and enrich a further understanding of the Entrepreneurial Mindset. If you'd like to receive updates when new episodes are released, please subscribe to this blog. Enjoy!

If you are a faculty member and would like case teaching notes, please contact me. I welcome your thoughts on these entrepreneurial cases and their accompanying entrepreneurial narratives.

These videos have been peer reviewed on MERLOT.  If you'd like to add your comments to the discussion, please feel free to do so.  

Many thanks,
Bennett Cherry, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship
California State University San Marcos

Jerry Driscoll
North Shore Soap Factory & Hawaiian Bath and Body

Jason Campbell
Waialua Soda Works

Paul Reyes
Carlsbad Solutions

Eric Jepsen

Rich Schmelzer