Hitching Your Wagon to a Star

I presented this Prezi at the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences held at the Grand Wailea, Maui in January 2013. Click on through it, if you're interested...and let me know what you think of it.

In this presentation, I highlight three IT-based entrepreneurial startups and discuss how each have hitched their wagon to a tech star.  The founders of the exemplar startup, TweetPhoto (turned Plixi, acquired by Lockerz), made key moves early in their launch that enabled the firm to grow quickly and overcome the first-mover advantages of their quicker-to-market competitors.  In the final two startups, I encourage the reader to discover how two Instagram-linked startups, Instacanvas and Instapparel, are currently hitching their wagon to Instagram's star.

As you might imagine, the case presentation is better heard than clicked through, so if you'd like to learn more about the teaching case and how I use it in my teaching and research, please contact me via LinkedIn, Twitter, or email.

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