Failure & Attackers Advantage

I came across this interesting and quick read about what Kasparov (of chess champion fame) and Eisner (of mouse ears management fame) had to say about failure and the entrepreneurship process.

The main point: failure is going to happen to entrepreneurs, so expect it...but, don't let that get you down. I particularly liked Kasparov's reference to Steve Jobs and the momentum that Apple generated with the iPod. Here's what the article's author, Marguerite Reardon , said about this:
He cited Apple CEO Steve Jobs as an example. After the company saw great success with its iPod Mini product, Jobs stayed ahead of competitors by introducing the iPod Nano, a more compact version of the popular music playing device.
This article probably caught my eye because I was attuned to the topic after yesterday's discussion in my senior-level course at Cal State San Marcos (Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship) wherein we talked about confidence and how that plays into boosting creativity.

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