Dirty Pictures...unbelievable

If you've ever read the book, How Are You Peeling, then you may be familiar with this type of art. I refer to it as "art from the everyday". Like the authors of How Are You Peeling, artist Scott Wade takes the everyday and makes art of it. Check out a few of his pictures and watch him in action on the 2 videos. Truly amazing talent in his ability to see art in the everyday.
I wonder how many more solutions we could come up with to address the pains--big and small, in our world--if we were just to look for answers in the everyday, much like these three artists/authors do in their creations.

I want to be able to look at the dirt on my car and see "opportunity to create", not only an "opportunity to clean".

P.S. Right now, there is a bunch of dirt on cars in Southern California due to the Santa Ana windy conditions and accompanying wildfires.

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