The power of [very] small entrepreneurial teams

In case you haven't heard...there's a new race for space. In fact, the race for space has a variety of prizes for those first to:
  • suborbital flight -- $10 million Ansari X Prize awarded in 2004 to Mojave Aerospace Ventures for their flight of Space Ship One.
  • similated lunar landing -- $2 million NASA/Northrop Grumman challenge ongoing, but likely that it will occur this weekend (Oct 27-28, 2007) or next year at the latest
  • robotic lunar landing -- $30 million Google Lunar X Prize
If any of this appeals to you, you may find interest in reading about this father and son team who are trying to win the Lunar Lander Challenge. A really fantastic story of perseverance written by Jason Silverman, posted on Wired. Here's just a snippet of the father's comments regarding their entry:
I wanted to prove a couple of guys in a garage could do something significant that didn't require a $100 billion from NASA.

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