It's enjoyable to come across a story like this one. It seems that a smart, engineering- and tinkering-minded gentleman has come across a way to turn sea water into a combustible material. Yes, you read that correctly...combustible sea water. As the article mentions, this new find could serve as a springboard to a new discussion on sea water as an alternative fuel. Since our world is 70% ocean, it might be worth thinking how we could use this resource, wisely.
My favorite part of the article:
Through sheer serendipity, Kanzius, a former broadcast engineer, found out something incredible--under the right conditions, salt water can burn at incredible temperatures...
The article goes on to say that John Kanzius was showing his new invention (an RFG to kill cancer cells) to a group of observers. While watching, one observer noticed that water was condensing in a nearby test tube. Much to his later surprise, Kanzius further learned that this new RFD device could actually make salt water spark.

Isn't it neat when we happen upon inventions? Just by keeping their eyes open to possibility, the observer and Kansius may have started us down a worthwhile path.
Keeping my eyes open...

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