ZipBuds: giveaway on the Ellen Show

It doesn't hurt to have lots of eyeballs (nearly 3 million sets of 'em) looking at your startup's newest product. And nothing is better than having an audience full of people going nuts since they just learned that you are giving them your newest product...for free with an iPod Nano to boot.

Here's what happened when Ellen DeGeneres informed her devotees that they'd be the newest recipients of the revolutionary ZipBuds.

So, my question to you is, what would you be willing to pay for this kind of exposure? Keep in mind that you are within the first 3 years of your startup and working capital doesn't grow on trees.

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Abbie Josephsen said...

What would I be willing to pay? A lot! that is great exposure! Everyone views Ellen as very hip and cool and so if she endorses your product, it is definitely a valuable promotion!
I went back and watched the video you had posted about zip buds (totally cute ad!) and I think that is such a genius product! And the fact that you know the creators is so cool!