tweetphoto...continues to gain ground on largest competitor

For the regular readers of my blog, you're familiar with tweetphoto, a company founded by one of my former students. In April of this year, Sean Callahan launched this web-based photosharing service and capitalized on the exponential growth of social networking sites like twitter and Facebook. My students and I were fortunate to learn from Sean yesterday as he visited our class and provided insights from his startup experiences thus far.

In the five months since their launch, Sean and his founding partner, Rodney Rumford, have seen their nascent startup zoom from zero to 6.7 million unique users. This fantastic growth has caught the eye of both competitors and organizations looking to learn from their rapid success.

In particular, tweetphoto inked a deal with Kodak in August to develop social networking features into Kodak products. As Sean shared with my class yesterday, this deal has worked out for both companies. Just yesterday, Kodak and tweetphoto launched "30 days. 30 giveaways", a promotional campaign to bring awareness to Kodak's new social networking-rich products.

It doesn't take long to realize that tweetphoto is trending upward and gaining ground on its behemoth competitor, twitpic. Twitpic entered the twitter photo sharing scene early and gained a first mover advantage; however, they've lost a bit of ground recently while tweetphoto has steadily increased activity. Some of this increase may be due to tweetphoto's celebrities tab that highlights the most popular celebrities using the service. Britney Spears currently resides at the top of the list. Are you surprised?

It's incredibly rewarding for me to hear from alums who are taking the business world by storm. Keep up the great work, Sean!

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Unknown said...

It was a pleasure to speak in front of your class. Thanks for documenting the experience on your blog!