Make Saving Money Fun...spread your wings, my creative students!

Last evening marked the launch of this year's Global Innovation Tournament, a student contest sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation in anticipation of their Global Entrepreneurship Week festivities. Global Entrepreneurship Week will likely be celebrated by more than three million people around the world from November 16-22.

Here's how this unique student contest works:
  1. a challenge theme is announced. This year's challenge: Make Saving Money Fun
  2. student teams solve the challenge with their own unique spin on the solution
  3. teams document and capture their solution via a short video
  4. upload video to YouTube for the world to review
  5. receive cherished feedback on their solution...maybe even win
What a fantastic learning opportunity for students around the world! I challenged my students to use what they've been learning in our Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship class to solve this case. I'm excited to see what they come up with.

As a little taste of the type of ideas generated by students, watch the video below from the overall winning team in 2008:

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