The Humble Entrepreneur: an oxymoron?

Today, I started working on a theoretical paper that I'm writing with Troy Nielson. I've been interested in the possible inclusion of humility as an important element in the entrepreneurial mindset. It's an element that hasn't been discussed much in the literature, and yet, it is one that I think could be of value to include in our understanding of entrepreneurs.

As a starting point to get you thinking...

  • What are the conditions wherein an entrepreneur's humility would make a difference?
  • Is humility on the opposite, but same continuum as hubris (excessive pride and self-confidence)? Or is it an entirely different construct?
  • Can an entrepreneur be confident and still humble?
  • Is disappointment and/or failure a precursor to humility?
  • Is it easier to trust a humble entrepreneur?

If you have any thoughts on the topic, I'd welcome your input. Please share your comments below. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

In my view, being humble also means being genuine; therefore the answer to your last questions is Yes, I do think that it is easier to trust a humble entrepreneur. Humility is an honorable trait, which tells you a lot about the character of the person than about the entrepreneurial idea itself.