How I Made My Millions...a little creativity and tenacity go a long way

How I Made My Millions. You want to know? Well, okay, so I haven't actually made my millions, but here are 10 really interesting stories--some that you may have already heard--of entrepreneurs who started with an idea that ultimately paid off, big time.

This past Sunday, one of my committed entrepreneurially-minded students was browsing the tube and came across this CNBC show that documented the recalled experiences of 10 entrepreneurs. Naturally, she enjoyed learning about these entrepreneurs and shared the episode with my class.

Now, a few of these stories I had already heard, but it was interesting to see and hear the entrepreneurs discuss how they took an idea and turned into a multi-million dollar business. Two of the entrepreneurs I'd like to make special mention of: Brian Taylor and Roxanne Quimby.

During the second week of class, I highlight the story of Brian Taylor, the founder and president of Kernel Seasons. I use his story as both an encouragement to students--"yes, you too can create a marketable idea and build a business from it"--and as an example of solving a pain--"hmmm, poor college student, tired of eating plain popcorn, wish I had a different flavor to put on it". The story resonates with my students because they can imagine Brian Taylor eating plain popcorn in his dorm room at the University of Michigan. His story is a great one. And a simple one. Oh, the beauty of simplicity.

From this episode, I also enjoyed learning about the founding of Burt's Bees by Roxanne Quimby, an artist and single mother from Maine. Undoubtedly, you've seen the Burt's Bees products in your marketplace and perhaps you've wondered from whence they came. Here's the short version of a very interesting story of using your environs and all of your resources to create a business. While watching the video, keep your ears perked for one of my favorite words:tinkering.

The complete How I Made My Millions episode is included below.

Now that you've watched this, what are your WATAs (aka "walk-away, take-aways") from it?

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