Tweetphoto...latest and greatest from a CSUSM alum

My students and I had the great fortune of hearing from another CSUSM alum, Sean Callahan, co-founder of You may remember that Sean was a guest speaker (albeit via Skype videoconference) in my Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship class last semester. At that time, he was launching, a web-based publishing service that is kicking off here in the next week or two. Good things are happening with addsyou, but Sean is even more animated about the future prospects for tweetphoto.

Since I'm not a Twitter-er and I don't Facebook, I'm not in his target market. Nevertheless, the students and I enjoyed interacting with him and hearing how the idea came to be and how his talented international team is using user feedback and competitive analysis to continually refine their service. The site will launch (beta version) later this month.

My students were interested to learn how Sean is currently using crowdsourcing (via to generate a finalized logo design for his new venture. While I've mentioned this concept a couple of times in class, the students can now see a living and breathing example of how crowdsourcing is used.

I'm regularly impressed by my current entrepreneurially-minded students at Cal State San Marcos and hearing from our entrepreneurial alums reminds me that we're doing things right.

*update: to read Sean's account of our session today, click through to his blog.*

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Unknown said...

Good times had by all. I'll hit you up for Mr. Taco when I get back! ;)