Every community needs a TechShop

What a fantastic idea: A place for kids, adults, groups, individuals, girls, boys...to tinker! Jim Newton has created the first TechShop and I hope that more communities could have this type of place. Here's what Guy Kawasaki said about it on his blog:

The community of people at TechShop is probably the best part of working on a project there. All sorts of interesting, smart people hang out at TechShop and work on projects ranging from electric vehicles from bikes to motorcycles to cars to commercial vans, self-balancing human transport devices, robots, inventions, prototypes, Burning Man projects, and everyday hobby projects. The hallway discussions at TechShop are unlike any you’d hear anywhere else, and usually involve pretty geeky topics. When you get stuck on part of your project, there are always lots of people around who can give you advice on how to get through it.

Edison is credited with the quote: "To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk." Perhaps with the "junk" at TechShop, we'll soon see the inventions that are possible when inquisitive tinkerers are brought together. Should be exciting to watch...

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