Another Math Problem...this one's already solved

Question: What do you get when you add:

  • longtime (and hungry) musicians, Dan & Jean Ehrlich +
  • a desire for healthy snacks +
  • catchy and colorful branding and packaging +
  • a recent infusion of capital from serial entrepreneur, John Paul DeJoria?

Answer: Rock n Roll Gourmet, maker of "gourmet natural snack foods with rock n roll attitude". While I haven't yet tried any of their products, I was intrigued with the concept and wanted to share it with you.

I'm particularly interested in their strategy that links music with munchies. Their natural-ingredient, low-fat snack products ring of a musical theme with Hippie Chips, Little Wings, Sweet Emotions, and Rock&Pop. Paired with their branding nomenclature is their Bands on Bags program which promotes an artist or band on each snack flavor. For example, pure-voiced artist Mindy Smith is featured on their Woodstock Ranch-flavored Hippie Chips.

Instead of just being another natural ingredients snack food company --which seem to be sprouting up faster than you can say 'organic sea salt'--Rock n Roll Gourmet is betting their unique value proposition on a successful marriage of music with healthy snacks that taste, as they put it, "truly amazing--totally addicting with major munch factor."

P.S. While digging around on their site, I came across the following wording (see screenshot). I suspect that they didn't intend for me (or any other viewer) to find humor in it, but I did and, thus, thought it my duty to share it all with you. Do you see what I see in this?

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