DGA and Livespeakr on the CBS Early Show

If you've been reading my blog for awhile now, you're familiar with the name Erik Groset and Digital Group Audio (DGA), the company that he cofounded with a childhood friend. Erik is an alum of California State University San Marcos and has taken his entrepreneurial spirit beyond the classroom and is making quite a name for his new business.

DGA's first product, the Livespeakr, has gotten great press on the techie blogs for the past year or so, but now they've managed to get the Livespeakr highlighted by the Thrillist.com guys on the CBS Early Show. Needless to say, television exposure is invaluable and I'm sure that Erik and his crew are busily responding to the numerous inquiries from this short episode. If you'd like to see the entire episode, click below.

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