Hawaiian Bath & Body...get clean, go green

I first met Jerry and Debora Driscoll while conducting research for my sabbatical in 2006. This couple grew a hobby-level, bedroom-headquartered soap interest into a full-fledged bath and beauty products company that provides all-natural products within the Hawaiian Islands, Japan, and mainland US.

Jerry just oozes the entrepreneurial mindset. I quickly learned this by interviewing him during the first episode in my Edge of Entrepreneurship video series. Since 2007, I've been sharing this video series with my students. The response from the students has been very positive and, thus, many of them have encouraged me to share these videos with a larger audience. In the coming months, be watching for a preview of clips from my interviews with interesting entrepreneurs.

To get a feel for the Hawaiian Bath & Body product line and the North Shore Soap Factory destination, watch this short video from YouTube:

[aside: the coconut soap is something you won't easily forget]

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