PivotLok Video Montage

One of my Senior Experience teams worked this semester with a local entrepreneur on his PivotLok Benchtop Work Positioner product. The team developed a handful of videos to help market and create awareness for this interesting product. As with some entrepreneurial ideas, the PivotLok is a solution to a problem. The difficulty lies in specifically defining the problem that it can serve as a solution to.

When talking with entrepreneurs, I get the sense that most of them find a problem and solve it. In this case, Jim West (the creator of the PivotLok) is a "shop guy" who used his mechanical aptitude to create a really interesting product. When people see it and work with it, they get it and want to buy it. However, Jim's discovered that it's incredibly time-consuming to get this product in people's hands to interact with it. Because of this, he asked the students to create videos to show what the PivotLok can do. Here's their short commercial that introduces the PivotLok:

The students also a few stop motion videos to whimsically present the range of motion of the PivotLok. Here's one with an interesting soundtrack:

Early on in the project, one of the students wondered if they could use the popular song "I Like to Move It, Move It" and change it to "I Like to Pivot, Pivot". Here's what resulted from that inquiry:

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