"I Wonder" = powerful phrase

A few weeks back, I was driving to work and realized that I do an awful lot of wondering about things. I sometimes wonder--see, there I go again!--if I wonder too much. Being that I was in an excessively-wondering state on that day, I shared my wondering about wondering with my students and challenged them to wonder a little more in their day that day.

Since that time, a few of my students have commented that they're finding themselves wondering more than they used to. They aren't stopping their daydreaming since it may be "too childish" or "unfocused". Instead, they feel free to pursue their wondrous wondering with less inhibition than in days past.

So, my question to you--yes, the 5 of you who read my blog--is do you allow yourself to wonder? Oh, I know what you're thinking...how could wondering be so powerful. Well, read around a bit and see what you come up with. Here are just a couple items to get you started on your reading:
Try this, just for fun.  Take one minute today to fill in this blank:  
"I wonder ____________________________."