Innovation Principle #17: When in doubt, use Origami

If you were in my Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship class today, you would have remembered that I presented 16 Principles of Innovation.  While I still stand behind the 16, I have recently come across a 17th principle: When in doubt, use Origami.

Since it is now past 3:30 PST, many of you are probably tired of reading or viewing any more posts today, but I had to share this one with you. As you'll learn--if you spend the 15 minutes to watch this--Origami is being used to solve interesting and challenging problems of packaging big things into small spaces.

The awkward juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity is so apparent in this innovation concept. Enjoy!

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Steph K. said...

What an interesting video. I loved the idea of learning from dead people. Similar to one of the principles of innovation of using the past.