Visualizing verbatim comments

In one of my roles, I work as a consultant to organizations seeking to change their workplace climate.  As a means of doing so, I collect data from employees about their workplace.  This data often comes in the form of survey responses and answers to open-ended questions pertinent to their experience in a given organization.  

One of the central difficulties is not in gathering this information, but rather, making sense of it.  That's often why the organization has hired our team of consultants...we are the sensemakers.  One of my brilliant teammates has done a marvelous job of capturing the themes of these employees' comments via sophisticated (and proprietary) code.  The resulting output from this code is theme-based lexical analysis.  

In some small way, we've visualized the comments, but nothing like what Jonathan Harris does...see below. 

The way he thinks is a beautiful example of the full faculties of a creative mind. He visualizes patterns and consolidates relationships of comments in such a way that it draws you into a better understanding of the group or people under observation. And, besides, his use of a variety of technology to make it approachable is all the more intriguing.

This is nothing short of fantastic.  In some ways, this is really art imitating life.  Or, better yet, aggregated verbatim comments creating art.     

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