Answers in the Everyday...continued

As some of you may know, I relish in reading about "answers in the everyday". Here's just another example of finding a use and outlet for an easily-disposed of item: energy bar wrappers.

I should disclose that I'm a big fan of the Clif Bar family of products. [Aside: Our endurance mountain biking team has been trying in vain to get Clif Bar as a sponsor. A little plug like this can't hurt, right?] My latest favorite is the ClifKid (I'm a kid at heart) Organic ZBar in Peanut Butter flavor. Wow...those are tasty morsels. Anyhow, you might find a few of these lying around, eat the contents, and then decide to make something from the remains (i.e., wrapper). If you do, it might look something like this (from Make Magazine).

Do you regularly see "answers in the everyday"? If not, try it's quite fun, really.

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