It's a Bird, It's a, it's just a spaceship

Virgin Galactic has recently released an update on their plans to take the mega-rich into space. If you have $200,000 or so, you too can experience weightlessness and suborbital flight aboard SpaceShipTwo, a Scaled Composites original created by Burt Rutan. Some of the readers might recall the name Burt Rutan as the creator of SpaceShipOne (note the similarity in naming?), the winner of the Ansari X Prize.

SpaceShipOne proved the concept could work and in so doing attracted the likes and pocketbook of Richard Branson (of Virgin everything fame). Like any good innovation, SpaceShipTwo builds on the original creation and improves it. Note the increase in length and carrying capacity (longer=more stable or longer=more passengers=more revenue?).

I love stuff like this. Does it interest you?

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