Drat...my idea's already taken

Well, I guess I should have known it. A few weeks ago I thought of a great new business idea--a group-based conference calling and voice-mail distribution system. Unfortunately, I found out that my revolutionary new idea has already been developed and launched. If you're interested in learning more about this new (and free!) service, check out www.foonz.com.

As an entrepreneur, have you experienced the disappointment of learning that someone else already "stole" your idea? Have you thought about something so long that you failed to respond to the opportunity in time? I have. In fact, I've got more than a few examples. Here's just one...

In junior high, some friends and I (ahem) "invented" Beano. Truthfully, that's really what we named it. Of course, we didn't know enough about science to really create it, but we did think of the idea and the name. But, [attention--1st lesson in entrepreneurship right here--], just having an idea isn't worth much unless you do something with it.

So, how do you respond to this disappointment? Does it stifle your creativity for a time or does it ignite you even more to come up with an even better idea?

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