It's all about choices

I've talked to a fair number of entrepreneurs over the past few years and without a doubt, one of the key takeaways from all of those interactions is this:

entrepreneurs have more choices to make than any other professional group

The tricky thing about this is that often these choices affect not only outcomes at the business, but also outcomes in other areas of the entrepreneur's life. A choice that benefits the business may negatively affect an entrepreneur's home life. To build the business, choices have to constantly be made in the context of a battle between the values of business growth and personal growth. At times, these values align completely, and yet there are inevitably going to be times when these values conflict. It is during these times that entrepreneurs experience the greatest struggle.

So, what's the way out from these struggles? I'm sure there are a variety of suggested resolutions to this, but I'll offer just this one: prioritize your values and don't veer from them.

Life's just a series of choices...isn't it?

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