Welcome to the Edge...of Entrepreneurship

I figured a blog is a good enough place to store my thoughts and activities as I go about interviewing entrepreneurs for my sabbatical study. My hope is that the time I spend interviewing these individuals turns into a compelling series of videos that inform, inspire, and encourage future entrepreneurs. As a business professor at a large state university, I'm convinced that our current generation of business students need to exercise their creative minds more so than past generations.

If we are to continue to compete in the globalized economy, we have to compete with our creative minds, rather than our hands. We are the most free nation in the world. With that freedom comes the opportunity to open our minds to create and innovate new products and services that meet real needs.

You're welcome to follow along on my interviewing process as I uncover some folks doing some amazing things across the United States of America. And, perhaps you have an idea of a person that I should interview. Do you know anyone who's relatively new to this thing called "entrepreneurship" and seem to have a compelling product or service? If so, please contact me so that I can contact them.

To date, I've interviewed 5 entrepreneurs...each with their own story to tell. Take the soapmaker, for example. He used to be in the construction business in Hawaii, but took the leap off into entrepreneurship a few years back and has never regretted doing so. You'll be hearing more about the soapmaker, sodamaker, and others in the coming weeks as I go about the arduous process of editing the rough footage into artfully-inspired videography.

Welcome to the edge...

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